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Your studio’s strobe systems work hard, but many things can go awry with power packs, heads, and cables. We’ll fix them.

“When our continuous lights turned out to be not so continuous, we called Schematic Works: Their skillful repair team saved the day!”
—Studio Manager, NYC


We are qualified to repair Profoto, Broncolor, Arri, Mole Richardson, Elinchrom, and Speedotron. Please ask us about lighting modifiers (like umbrellas) on a case-by-case basis.


It’s nice to know that your local repair crew is qualified to make house calls for limos, stingers, and lunchboxes—just sayin’.

We know power distribution!

Camera Support

In a studio or rental-house, your camera support gear gives the first impression. From your tripods to studio stands, you’re only as good as your tripod head is smooth, or your geared-head is cranky.


Cambo, Foba,Manfrotto,Sachtler,and Gitzo.


The creative scaffolding in any studio or rental-house comes under tremendous stress and gets the most wear and tear. With most booms, cranks, C-Stands, and rollers you will see broken knobs, worn-down gears, twisted pulleys, tortured wheels, and bent tubing. That’s the humble price of creativity, but we’ve seen worse.


Mathews and Avengers, among others.

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